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Laser Chiller 21kw To 41kw

Laser chiller 1kw to 7kw
  • Laser Chiller
  • Brand:HERO-TECH
  • Model:HTL-3A, HTL-4A, HTL-5A, HTL-6A
  • Type:Air-Cooled
  • Certification:Other
  • Cooling Capability(kw):21kw to 41kw
  • Update Time:03/06/2013
Detailed Info

Laser chiller---- air cooled       

Product introduction

In laser system, laser source and beam controller would need to be cooled.
Cooling water is normally required in the range of 15â�� to 22â��, with ±1â�� or ±2â�� accuracy and sometimes within ±0.1â��. Laser   has special requirements for conductivity and corrosiveness of cooling water, normally water loop should be stainless steel materials.


Laser chiller is mainly applied for laser marker, laser engraving machine, laser welder, laser cutting machine, laser ink jet machine, etc., for maintaining required temperature of laser equipment, so to ensure normal running.

Design features

¨      Large volume SS storage tank and SS coil evaporator.

¨      Built-in high pressure stainless steel chilled water  pump, ensuring water quality and pressure.

¨      Well-known brand exhaust fan with large volume, excellent heat dissipation and low noise.

¨      Precision filtering device can be offered upon request, including particulate matter filtration and deionizer, ensuring high cooling water quality, extending laser and chiller's service life.

¨      Multi-protection devices: flow switch , water pressure switch, acoustic and optical alarm system.

¨      Protection signal output: water flow alarm signal output, water level alarm signal output, temperature protection alarm signal output, ensuring laser and chiller running safely.

Parameter table 
nominal cooling capacity kw 21.1 27.72 30.8 41.8
power source   3PH  380V-415V  50HZ
refrigerant type   R22
control   Thermostatic expansion valve
compressor type   hermetic scroll
power kw 3.5*2 4.55*2 5.25*2 7*2
condenser type   finned copper tube + low noise outer rotor fan
evaporator type   Copper coil built-in storage tank
coolant flow m3/h 3.52 4.44 5.03 7.1
Tank volume liter 120 200 200 270
inlet and outlet inch 1 1-1/2 1-1/2 2
dimension length mm 1300 1500 1500 1780
width mm 680 760 760 850
height mm 1530 1660 1660 1800
weight kg 270 350 390 560

1.the nominal cooling capacities are based on the following conditions:
coolant supply 7C, return 12C, temperature difference 3C to 8C;
cooling air inlet 30C, outlet 38C;
2. chiller should be used under 40C.
3. Specifications, appearances and dimensions are subject to change without notice.