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Adsorption Dryer(Heatless)

Adsorption Dryer(Heatless)





Operation Principe


1.Upper tube system
2.Check valve
5.Air control regulating valve
6.Solenoid valve
7.Absorbent (activated aluminum and molecular siere)
9.Pneumatic ( A1ãA2ãB1ãB2)
10.Underside tube system


Parts list


1.Reasonable Tower Design

Ensure the compressed air can connect the absorbent more than 5 seconds .
There is a large flow diffuser inside the towers. This can ensure the compressed air can go through the absorbent uniform, ensure the stable dew point.
The twer wall is specially treated with rust prevention. It canbe used more than 10 years


2.Sensitive Check Valve

Prevent air flow backwarkd.
Sensitive check valve guiding air to the right destination, avoid energy wasted and achieve the goal of energy saving.





3.Long Service Lifetime Pneumatic

After antiwear treatment, the pneumatic can turn on and shut off about 500 thousand times.

4.Controller:Clear and easy to operate

With automatically timing,automatically switching function also can show the working condition clearly.Stable and reliable of the controller,unacted on electric and pressure.



5.Perfect Proportion Absorbent

Perfect proportion of activated aluminum and molecular siere, let filtering effect more completely.

6.Good cooperation

Pneumatic control valve and Solenoid valve control pneumatic valve together ensure the pressure of inlet air above 4 bar.





7.Optimal muffler system

When generation air exhaust to atmosphere, muffler can let working environment more quiet.

8.Reliably Throttle

Throttle regeneration air, to reduce energy consumption.